Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Partnering with the Mizel Museum for ART-FULL SELF Workshop!

Last month I shared with you the success of our Women's Creative Wellness Workshop pilot where we created "Art Full Self" boxes. Well, this month I am pleased to announce that Denver Art Therapy Counseling Co. is offering the Art Full Self Workshop in its entirity in November 2009, through a partnership with the Mizel Musem in Denver, Colorado.

The Mizel Museum a community organization teaching awareness and respect through Jewish life and culture by providing panel disscussions, workshops, and classses. They also have a lovely gallery space for exhibitions.

Instead of boxes, however, this time we are really going to have fun by using Matryoshka dolls as our medium for self-exploration and in sight - see the following description to learn more.

Workshop Description
In this 5 week workshop we will explore the profound connection between our creativity and our identify through the use of symbols and intuitive/ and intentional painting process. Our vehicle to explore the idea of “Self” will be a set of 5 Matryoshka dolls, or Russian Nesting Dolls. Exploring the concepts of self and identity participants will work to paint their dolls using a combination of collage and acrylic paint techniques. Dolls do not have to be traditional or figurative.

In addition to painting we will spend some time giving each other feedback and examining our own process through journaling and one word poetry responses at the end of each session. Participants are free to continue to use their journals in between classes as a way to provide greater continuity, as place for brainstorming ideas, etc. This workshop will also include inspirational and informative teachings on a variety of symbols from human history that have been used to inform and express “the self” and important related concepts as well as artists who have explored the idea of self and identity in their own work. No prior art experience is needed. Instructor is a trained artist and art therapist and will assist participants both with technical aspects and discovering their own unique perspectives.

I am thrilled that we've been given this opportunity! Be sure to check back with us frequently to see "in progress" samples of the nesting dolls as I prepare for the workshop. To register for the workshop please visit http://www.mizelmuseum.org/. Interested participants are welcome to contact me with questions/concerns.

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