Monday, October 11, 2010

On Perfectionism, Or Why I haven't Posted in 3 months & Why This Book Encouraged Me to Do So

A little over 6 weeks ago, I took down my blog. I wasn't happy with the length, content or frequency of my posts (too long, too short, too academic, not academic enough, too infrequent, too much).

At the time, I felt overwhelmed with managing the changes in my practice and other activities in my personal and professional life. I also had recently been to court for as an expert witness and became paranoid that my social media musings would be used against me. Mostly, I felt that this blog was not enough - I should be in a doctoral program and writing a dissertation or writing a book.

But since that time, I've done some personal work - going to see my own therapist, getting lots of supervision and consultation in my field, making art. And now I'm feeling like I have things I want to say and share with others. What I want to share today is a recommendation for this amazing book Finding Your Voice through Creativity: The Art and Journaling Workbook for Disordered Eating by Mindy Jacobson-Levy and Maureen Foray-Tornay.

Art Therapists Jacobson-Levy and Foray-Tornay have created a wonderful resource for use by individuals seeking recovery from disordered eating as well as for the professionals who support them through this process. Art Therapy professionals will find that the interventions are easily adaptable to concerns such as adolescent moods and behavior, self-harm as well as trauma recovery - which often co-occur with disordered eating. Individuals who use this resource alone or with a therapist will find that the workbook is very user friendly and affirming to one's own creative process while also offering gentle challenges to one's current perspective.

This book reaffirmed for me once again how effective the art therapy process is for "giving the heart a voice" and finding words for feelings and experiences that were previously occupying a place in one's pre-verbal consciousness.

So, that being said, along with my aforementioned social media struggles, I'm feeling like this post is just the right length and thank you for reading. Till next time ...

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Donica said...

I always look forward to next time. :) Even when I'm a couple weeks behind!